Chinese Antiques – Unique Ways To Bring Home True Pieces Of The Far East

Chinese antiques and Chinese furniture are sought after all over the world. Unfortunately what passes in most stores as “Chinese” furniture, may have been ‘Made in China’, but are only mass market replicas that don’t even come close to the charm, artistry, depth of colors and designs of the real thing.

If you want to give your home a genuine touch of China and its many different cultural facets you should opt for real Asian antique furniture, or if your budget doesn’t allow for these, choose an exquisite antique furniture reproduction that closely resembles the real thing. One well placed unique artifact will give an entire room a special touch of Chinese decor.

So what kind of Chinese antiques should you pick for your home? Unless you’re starting to decorate a room from scratch, take a look at the room where you’re planning on placing your ‘new’ Asian antique, and observe the dimensions, available space and existing furnishings. Your ‘new’ piece should fit in with the existing decor in color scheme, size and style.

Also decide what the piece is going to be used for. Will it contain dishes, the TV set, books, clothes, etc., or will it be purely decorative? Decide, whether for example your ‘new’ Asian cabinet will be the focal point of the room, or if you wish it to blend in with its surroundings. If you want your antique Chinese furniture to be the center of attention, you will probably want a piece that contrasts in color somewhat with its surroundings, while still fitting in with the all over color scheme.

If you decide ahead of time the use, size and basic color scheme for the Chinese antiques you’re planning on purchasing, you will find it a lot easier to choose from the endless variety of beautiful, authentic pieces of history available to you.

Another approach could start with a special piece of Asian antique furniture you might have fallen in love with. In this case the Asian antique becomes the center piece right from the start and its surroundings will be chosen to go along with it. In a way this is an easier approach, but one that only works well when you redecorate a room entirely.

What makes Chinese antiques so unique are the different styles, depending on their province of origin, and the, for Westerners, uncommon workmanship, the special hardware, the practical way these pieces have been put together; all of these giving Chinese antiques an ingenuity, longevity and unique beauty, that is only enhanced by the years that have gone by.

To decorate your home elegantly with an exclusive air of the Far East, you just can’t go wrong with Chinese antiques; a point also proven by many decorators and interior designers that weave Asian antique furniture into a great share of their work.

So take Asian antiques into account when thinking of purchasing a new piece for your home, since you be able to take advantage of one of the greatest varieties of ethnic furniture available anywhere. You will definitely find something you’ll love, since there are as many different styles as there are provinces and cultural backgrounds in China.