Your Guide To Buying An Antique Furniture Accessory From China

If you are looking to fill your home with antique gems and provide a viable nest egg for your future then you have many options. There are various styles and eras of antiques just waiting to be explored. The accessories are beautiful and can really add a little decoration to the room. An antique furniture accessory from China may be the perfect addition to your home.

All Chinese antiques have a high value that will significantly increase over time. An antique furniture accessory from China will be initially expensive but your return can be doubled in a matter of years, depending on market trends and demand.

An antique furniture accessory from China is no different to one of the major pieces of antique furniture that attract so much at auction and in antique stores and can bring the same delicate feel to your home. After all, it is often the small touches that make the difference.

As with any antique, you do have to make sure that you are getting the genuine article. There are unscrupulous dealers out there who would be prepared to offer a substandard or fake item to make money. It is therefore a good idea to find out exactly what you are buying when shopping for an antique furniture accessory from China.

Banquet Chairs for the Event Industry

Wedding Chairs in the UK – Chivari & Cheltenham

The increasing demand for supply of banquet chairs in the has meant the requirement for thousands of this type of chair to be imported from overseas.

The most popular chair used at weddings over the last couple of years is the lime wash Chivari chair (sometimes known as the Camelot chair); this is a lightweight and fresh looking chair that has become synonymous with the wedding industry.

It’s particularly popular for wedding marquees and in recent years has taken over from the ever popular Cheltenham chair. For many years the gold Cheltenham chair led the way in the wedding chair stakes and to follow was the silver Cheltenham chair.

All of these types of chairs tend to be manufacturered in China although Bulgaria is another popular country to source this type of chair.

There are a number of companies importing these chairs from china and selling to industries such as the marquee hire industry, hotels and conference centres and wedding venues of which there is an increasing amount of these days.

As a consumer one has to be very careful when sourcing and purchasing this type of chair as there are an awful lot of cheaper type chairs being sold in the marketplace where raw materials are inferior and build quality sub standard to say the least. There is a demand for a better quality chair but at a competitive price. Clearly with the current economic climate the potential end users of this type of furniture are seeking to source the hardware for their business at the lowest possible price whilst achieving a high quality product that is both finished to a high standard but also one which has a good build quality to meet the demands that the outdoor event hire industry has to throw at it.

It is thought that the lime wash Chivari chair will probably continue to dominate the wedding market for some years to come. Despite the arrival of some new and innovative ideas such as the ice chair (a type of brittle see through plastic chair designed to reflect lighting provided by LED) it continues to lead the way. I guess that there will always be a new fad or something gimmicky to come along and compete against the lime wash chair but at the moment it looks set to stay offering brides exactly what they want, a clean simple and fresh look to compliment their colour scheme for their special day.